Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dark Places (2009) Gillian Flynn

Abandoned on page 114 out of 345 and it BROKE MY HEART. 

First of all, Gillian Flynn and I share some roots and I am predisposed to LIKE her work. I LIKED her first book, Sharp Objects. I LIKED the story idea. There was a lot a really stupid stuff going on during the Satanic Panic: recovered memories, corrupted child testimony, and the almost complete abandonment of good sense. This was going to be a GREAT read! This is the trifecta of FAVORABLE PREDISPOSAL.

And here is her picture. Isn't she fetching! (You'll see why I have included the photo.) 

What went wrong? I liked the character of Libby Day. Damaged, quirky, and I liked the parts where Libby is telling the story. 

But the third person parts began to drag. Oh, the prose was good, but not as fresh as Libby's. And all the detail...I know she was fleshing out the other characters and I usually like that sort of thing, but...I became bored. I would look at Gillian's picture on the inside dust flap, try to rally myself and continue, but...is that an Ivory Billed Woodpecker down by the Old Pond? Where are my binoculars...no, just a blue jay. Back to Dark Places. First I look at Gillian's picture, then I read a little more...I wonder if I should mulch the fig tree? I look at Gillian's picture again and sigh. I wonder if she would consider dyeing her hair Pre-Raphaelite red? 

Finally, after many tears and a crushing sense of BETRAYAL, I abandoned the read. I'm so SORRY Gillian, but I want you to know: I loved EVERYTHING about Dark Places...except READING it.